Building Strong and Happy Marriages & Families


  • Have Fun!
  • Practice Your "PROMISE"
  • Love One Another
  • Get to know GOD Better

Happily Married?
Let's build on that!  2 Have & 2 Hold Marriage and Family Life at Wesley Church offers large group, small group and individual couple experiences to keep your marriage & family vibrant and strong!

Bored or Struggling?

Find the tools and insights to build your relationship with your spouse and create a joyful atmosphere at home by participating in our couple's groups and events and using our recommended resources!

June is Marriage and Family Month at Wesley Church. 

We have some great resources for you below. 

Just click on the link.

A Guide to Marriage & Family Month

30 Day Family Devotional  

Couples Devotional

Prayer Guide

For more information contact:  Rich & Edie Landis (