Each week Wesley Church gives $1 for each person in attendence at our Sunday services, including kids and students, to a person, family, or organization in need within our community.  Every Sunday you attend you are making a difference in our community.



January 7 - $698 for a family in a lengthy hospital stay.

January 14 - $886 to a family who's caregiver is on bedrest and is not able to care for the family.



April 23 - $768 to a family with extensive medical bills

April 30 - $817 to a family who lost their home in a fire

May 7 - $753 to a family for funeral expenses

May 14 - $831 to a family with a special needs child with medical complications.

May 21 - $695 to a family who's father is a veteran with post service trauma and wife has medical expenses.

May 28 - $713 to a family to help cover funeral expenses for their son who was killed in automobile accident.

June 4 - $779 to a family with unexpected medical bills.

June 11 - $720 to a family with young children who's father passed away.

June 18 - $636 to Solanco School District to cover unpaid lunch balances.

June 25 - $677 to elderly community member who as extensive medical expenses.

July 2 - $701 a family with significant financial needs due to a job loss.

July 9 - $730 to a family who lost their home in a fire.

July 16 - $727 to an individual in the community with medical expenses.

July 23 - $667 to Solanco School District to cover unpaid lunch balances.

July 30 - $737 to Morning Star Counseling for clients who are unable to pay for counseling services.

August 6 - $657 to Solanco School District to cover unpaid lunch balances.

August 13 - $705 to a family caring for extended family unexpectedly.

August 20 - $668 to a family who lost their father.

August 27 - $795 to a family who's husband can't work due to cancer.

September 3 - $727 to a family who lost their home to a fire.

September 10 - $761 to Solanco Neighborhood Ministries (Fuel Fund, Food Bank and SWEEP Program)

September 17 - $789 to Huffnagle Park in Quarryville to help raise money for new playground.

September 24 - $855 to a family who's husband is fighting cancer and is unable to work.

October 1 - $765 to a young mother who was recently diagnosed with cancer and is unable to work and provide for her family.

October 8 - $741 to a family who recently lost their mother.

October 15 - $731 to a family whose husband/father passed away.

October 22 - $762 to a family whose young daughter is in the hospital.

October 29 - $691 to supply turkeys to the Solanco Neighborhood Food Bank.

November 5 - $822 to families in need to purchase Christmas gifts for their kids.

November 12 - $842 to a father whose wife has passed away and needs help providing childcare.

November 19 - $814 to a mother with young children who is currently unable to work.

November 26 - $737 to a family who has a newborn in the hospital.

December 3 - $660 to a single mom who is facing eviction. Holding $157 for the following week.

December 10 - $781 to someone who is unable to work because of multiple surgeries.

December 17 - $908 to a single mom who has health complications that prevent her from working.

December 31 - $548 to a family who had unexpectedly lost a father.